Cross-Border Catastrophic Response


Center team members participated in an applied research and policy project with the North American Humanitarian Response Initiative (NAHRI), a program sponsored by the Global Emergency Group for the Red Cross. The work focused on a large-scale preparedness study leading to recommendations for cross-border assistance for vulnerable populations caught in catastrophic disasters in North America. The project culminated in an analysis report, proposal on the development of an anticipatory vulnerability assessments model, and a stakeholder workshop with representatives from the USA, Mexico, and Canada.

The Team

Faculty, Staff and Students

Our core faculty and staff oversee the Global Policy Center and promote research and education within the humanitarian sector.
  • Bethany Gordon

    Ph.D. Fellow, Convergent Behavioral Scientist Initiative at UVA

  • Kirsten Gelsdorf

    Professor of Practice of Public Policy, and Director of Global Humanitarian Policy, Batten School

Danielle Spach, Research Assistant

Alicia Smith, Research Assistant