Our People

Core Faculty and Staff

Our core faculty and staff oversee the Global Policy Center and promote research and education within the humanitarian sector.
  • David Leblang

    Ambassador Henry Taylor Professor of Politics; Randolph P. Compton Professor at the Miller Center; Professor of Public Policy and Global Policy Center Director, Batten School

  • Kirsten Gelsdorf

    Professor of Practice of Public Policy, and Director of Global Humanitarian Policy, Batten School

  • Lucy Bassett

    Associate Professor of Practice of Public Policy, Batten School

Faculty and Staff Affiliates

Our affiliates are drawn from within and beyond the University and represent a broad range of disciplines and expertise.
  • Adrienne Ghaly

    Postdoctoral Fellow, College of Arts and Sciences

  • Alison Criss

    Associate Professor of Microbiology and Director of the Global Infectious Disease Institute, School of Medicine

  • Amanda Nguyen

    Assistant Professor of Education, Curry School of Education and Human Development

  • Bryan Lewis

    Research Associate Professor, UVA Biocomplexity Institute and Initiative

  • Ellen Bassett

    Professor and Chair of Urban and Environmental Planning, School of Architecture

  • Heman Shakeri

    Assistant Professor, School of Data Science

  • Jeanine Braithwaite

    Professor of Public Policy, Batten School

  • Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch

    Research Associate Professor, Curry School of Education and Human Development

  • Karen Kafadar

    Professor of Statistics, College of Arts and Sciences

  • Kathryn Laughon

    Associate Professor and Program Director, UVA School of Nursing

  • Kristin Clarens

    Lecturer, University of Virginia School of Law

  • Michael Porter

    Associate Professor, Systems Engineering and Darden School of Business

  • Phil Potter

    Associate Professor of Politics and Public Policy, and Director of the National Security Policy Center, Batten School

  • Sonal Pandya

    Associate Professor of Politics, Department of Politics

  • Srini Venkatramanan

    Research Scientist, Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing, UVA Biocomplexity Institute and Initiative

Practitioner Partners

Our practitioner partners have collaborated with us on a variety of applied research and policy projects across the globe.


Our superlative students forward our mission through operational and research support.