About Us

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The Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy established the Global Policy Center (GPC) in 2015 as a space to enhance and broaden the research, service, and educational missions of the Batten School and the University of Virginia. Our mission is to partner with scholars, practitioners, students and communities to work together towards overcoming critical humanitarian and development challenges around the world.  We believe that by helping to bridge the gap between scholars and practitioners, between research and application, between theory and practice, that we can make an impact . TOGETHER. To do this we have created  the UVA Humanitarian Collaborative .

Woman speaking at the IRC Exhibition
Ms. J presents her work from the IRC New Roots Photovoice exhibit supported by the Humanitarian Collaborative.

As we consider the world that we want to inhabit, humanitarian and development issues matter more and more.  All around the world, millions  of people need humanitarian and development assistance. These challenges will continue to confront the current and next generation of policy makers.

Makayla Palazzo, IMPACT Initiatives
Batten aluma Makayla Palazzo works with IMPACT Initiatives, a Swiss NGO, in Jordan.
"My Batten experience—and the professors I studied and worked with—helped me to better define my interests, and to decide exactly what it was that I wanted to do."

-Makayla Palazzo, IMPACT Initiatives