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Interior of a tent showcasing the current humanitarian crisis in Venezuela with dirty mattresses, torn towels, ripped clothing, shoes with no laces, an empty water jug, and a pair of children’s stuffed animals.

Responding to Human Challenges

At the Global Policy Center, we understand humanitarian and development challenges in human terms. We think it’s essential to respond to these challenges with a broad, multi-dimensional mindset.

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Metal fence in front of foliage with motivational signs hanging, which read "don't give up," "you are not alone," and "you matter."

Opinion: Now is the time to prioritize mental health

It is estimated that only 2% of people around the world have access to mental health and psychosocial support, or MHPSS. The question is, will COVID-19 offer us a chance to change this? Batten’s Kirsten Gelsdorf and Lucy Bassett provide critical insights into the barriers to progress in MHPSS interventions, and identify opportunities to prioritize and invest in new programs going forward.

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UVA Humanitarian Collaborative

Bringing together faculty, staff, and students from across Grounds with community and humanitarian partners, the UVA Humanitarian Collaborative is the heart of the Global Policy Center’s work. Find out more about how we’re addressing the world’s pressing humanitarian and development challenges.

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Our Work
“At the Global Policy Center, we bring the best of academic and policy scholarship to bear on the world’s most pressing humanitarian and development challenges through interdisciplinary collaborative research and education.”

– David Leblang, Director of the Global Policy Center
An illustration of a refugee camp with buildings, tent and people moving about.
Research, Advocacy and Policy (RAP) Labs

Find out how we understand, explore, and develop solutions through collaborative projects

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